Mar 23

Raiding Schedule : None at the moment
Level 25 Horde Guild

Guild Recruitment

Recruitment is currently CLOSED!


We have decided at the start of 2014 to take a deserved break with regards to the raiding team. Raiding as we know it will probably have a new format in the future. We're still working that out for the time being. When we have more information the forums will be updated. Skull's Drunken runs are still running on Saturdays so if you want to join us, feel free to contact Skull or Dragonrose / Dragoness to see if we have room.

Exceptional applications will always be taken into consideration.

If you want to contact someone in game for more information you can speak to Dragonrose / Dragoness or Auwrath#2403

Click here for our application forum.

About Escapism

Escapism is a long-established and successful endgame raiding guild on the Horde side of Bloodhoof EU. Our guild’s history goes back to ‘Vanilla WoW’ and many of our members are veterans of the original 40-man instances such as Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

We aim to combine our real-lives with three evenings per week of well-organised raid progression,

You can view our progress at WoWProgress. Alternatively, please return to our homepage for regular updates and news.

If you're interested in applying, please visit the recruitment section of our forums. Like most raiding guilds we’ll be looking for specific classes from time to time, but we always consider good applications from mature players of any class

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Beep bop boop, now gimme some loot.

Just a quick update on our progress, as I believe is warranted by three new kills!

We drowned Immerseus,

the fallen protectors fell down

and Norushen... well... he opened the door when we killed the other thing. I don't know.

As much as I'd love to have a shiny new picture for you I'm super bad at remembering things, so yeah you can't have one.

Let's just hope our successes don't make us too proud to beat the next boss eh? eh? Ahh I'm a funny guy.

Till next time!

(Spoilers) Vol'jin stole the credit.

So we've finished and cleared normal mode, good job team!
Personally I'd like to think it's due to our glorious and esteemed new raidleader, me, but I know we couldn't have done it without teamwork and all around great execution. Special shoutout to DJ for managing to OS heal it like a complete boss!
Stupid troll waltzing in at the end, I should be the new warchief. Harumph.

Heroics here we come!

(P.S. This is not just a selfcentred ego boosting post, just in case you are a possible new recruit. But I feel like you should know what you're getting yourself in to really. Mwahaha)

Escapism is Recruiting

After years of serving in our raid team Tiratops (our healer) & Fondorlat (our tank) are saying goodbye to our raiding team. Fond is getting even more pro and Tira is just getting old :P Nevertheless many thanks for all the raids and fun. Hope you all do well.

With our tank and healer leaving we are in need of a small summer-break, to recruit some fresh blood and to recharge our batteries for patch 5.4

We will still try to get raids going in the mean time, for funz and if needed to get new people geared. If you think you are the perfect fit for our raid team, please check out our application forum and do not hesitate to show us what you got :)


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